Scotland – May 2016

In Scotland there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

As part of our European tour (Holland, Scotland and Portsmouth) we decided to spend 2 weeks in Scotland and 2 weeks in the Portsmouth area.
We had a wonderful time and saw lots of wonderful places and scenery.
We hope you enjoy our “Scotland Blogs”

Blog 1 – EdinburgBlog 6 – Duff House, Glen Farcas
Blog 2 – Edinburg 2Blog 7 – Speyside, Culloden to Loch Ness
Blog 3 – Edinburg 3Blog 8 – Loch Lomond & area
Blog 4 – to DufftownBlog 9 – Loch Lomond to Ayr
Blog 5 – Dufftown – 3 DistilleriesBlog 10 – Ayr and Gretna Green

…and so ended our ten days in Scotland. We will go back, we loved it there’s more whiskey to try and more beautiful places to explore.

A Scottish Blessing
These things I warmly wish for you.
Someone to love, some work to do,
A bit of sun, a bit of cheer,
and a guardian angel always near.