My Father The Soldier


When Kevin retired after 33 years with the Federal Government he decided to write a book about his father. It was a labour of love and one that I was very pleased to help him with his long planned project.

My Dad was always the quiet unassuming gentle giant in my life and he only began to reveal his wartime experiences when he was in his eighties.

Every year regardless of the weather my sisters and I would join Dad at the Centotaph in Halifax for November 11th ceremonies. My sister Beverley was a teacher and during Remembrance Week she would invite Dad to meet her students and talk to them about the war. Eventually this led to Dad agreeing to be video taped and be a part of the DVA Memory Project where his story was captured forever on the Internet.

As my retirement loomed in 2000, I began to gather facts by researching his RCR and HLIC regimental histories and gathering details of all places and context within which he served overseas for six years. The war diaries were particularly helpful as were several rare books I located including Bloody Buron. As the story began to unfold, was able to meet with Dad periodically and gradually extract more details and clarify certain elements even during his final hospital stay before he died at age 92. It still took me five more years to publish the book electronically in 2012. The last few years I’ve been pleased to share Dad’s story in a PowerPoint presentation with area schools and other audiences.

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Carvil was a wonderful father, grandfather and father-in-law. He was a devoted husband to his wife Lillian and he adored his 11 grandchildren. Our daughter Keri was the first grandchild and I will never forget the look in Carvil’s eyes every time he was with her. The look of love just got bigger and bigger with the birth of another beautiful baby. We were all very lucky to have had Carvil in our lives.

Celebrating Carvil & Lillian’s Anniversary, Kevin, Lillian, Carvil, Judi

I am hoping to put up photos of Carvil with all of his grandchildren.

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